Sennheiser præsenterer sin audiofile portefølje og det nye Custom Comfort Tips-projekt til HIGH END 2023

Det er ikke kun Sennheisers brede portefølje af lydprodukter, som vises frem ved HIGH END 2023 i München fra d. 18. maj til 21. maj 2023. Det helt nye pilotprojekt Custom Comfort Tips, hvor kunder fra Tyskland kan få lavet personlige ear tips til IE-serien, tilbydes eksklusivt til journalister og kreatører ved HIGH END 2023. Her får du mulighed for at få scannet din øregang og efterfølgende modtage dine helt egne personligt tilpassede ear tips efter messen. Derudover kan du selvfølgelig også få et indblik i de seneste lanceringer: HD 660S2, IE 200, Conversation Clear Plus og HE 1.


Custom Comfort Tips: a whole new experience for the perfect sound perception
The sound reproduction of a wired earphone is significantly influenced by the fit and position of the ear tips used. The pilot project by Sennheiser Consumer and GEERS for Custom Comfort Tips offers the optimal solution for a perfect fit and perfect sound. With individual ear tips, two unique versions are produced by molding the ear canals with a scanner or silicone mass. They sit perfectly in the corresponding ear, are exceptionally comfortable and can be attached to any of the audiophile Sennheiser IE 200, IE 300, IE 600 or IE 900 earphones.

At HIGH END, journalists and creators have the exclusive opportunity to have their ear canals scanned directly at the Sennheiser booth on Thursday and Friday and to have the Custom Comfort Tips sent home to test after the trade fair. A scan is only possible with a previous appointment booking via this link.


HD 660S2, IE 200 and HE 1: Crystal clear sound and emotional audio experiences
With the revised HD 660S2, the Sennheiser brand is expanding the spectrum of the legendary HD 600 family, which has long been the benchmark for audiophile headphones of the highest quality. The headphones combine outstanding precision with a warm, relaxed sound image - and have been shaped with feedback from the hi-fi community. With its powerful sub-bass range, the HD 660S2 offers an emotional listening experience of the greatest intensity and, thanks to its improved acoustics, manages to fully unfold the dynamic effect of the music.

The Sennheiser IE series is also continuing its success story with the new IE 200: the powerful new addition to the audiophile headphone segment builds on the legacy of its sister models in many areas. It not only provides pure listening pleasure for die-hard audiophiles, but also for everyone who is curious about a sound world full of details. Because with its exceptional depth, crystal-clear sounds and a range of intuitive features, the IE 200 offers a comprehensive overall package that is otherwise only reserved for products in a higher price range.

The audiophile portfolio is rounded off by the legendary HE 1: like no other hearing system, the HE 1 impresses with the highest reproduction precision and creates an extraordinary spatiality when listening. With an ultra-wide frequency range from 8Hz to 100kHz and a distortion factor of just 0.01 percent at a sound pressure level of 100dB, the HE 1 combines technical finesse that is unique in this form.


Conversation Clear Plus: ideal for clear conversations in noisy environments
In noisy environments, such as at a busy restaurant or ​ street, many people find it difficult to hear conversations clearly. The new Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus features advanced speech intelligibility technology that ensures conversations are always the center of attention – no matter the environment.

Experience these and more Sennheiser products at HIGH END in Hall 1, Booth D02/E07. Please make an appointment in advance for the Custom Comfort Tips or for a conversation with our product experts.

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Amanda Grøntved-Grube

Project Manager, Holm Kommunikation



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