Our first intelligent speaker just got a whole lot smarter!

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At Sennheiser, we are focused on creating audio solutions that enables engaging and inclusive meetings. ​ To that end, in February, we launched our TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker (TC ISP) certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms which includes a 7-microphone array that can identify up to ten people in a room and up to 20 meeting participants. ​

Using Microsoft voice recognition technology, the TC ISP is also able to recognize who in the room is speaking and transcribe their comments. ​ Although launched globally, at the time, the voice attribution transcription service on Teams only supported English speaking US based customers.

That all changes this month! ​ Beginning this month, the TC ISP will support the following 16 languages:

• en-US English United States

• en-GB English United Kingdom

• en-IN English (India)

• en-NZ English (New Zealand)

• zh-CN Chinese, Mandarin Simplified, China

• ja-JP Japanese Japan

• de-DE German Germany

• pt-BR Portuguese Brazilen

• en-CA English Canada

• en-AU English Australia

• es-ES Spanish Spain

• es-MX Spanish Mexico

• ko-KR Korean South Korea

• fr-FR French France

• it-IT Italian Italy

• fr-CA French Canada

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If you want to get to know our TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker better, have a look here.

Caroline Medeiros

Marketing Communications Manager, Sennheiser Brasil

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