Sennheiser celebrates official opening of new factory in Brașov, Romania

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Sennheiser has officially opened its new plant in Brașov, Romania, marking the occasion with a celebration with its employees.

Wedemark/Brașov August 6, 2019 – Sennheiser has officially opened its new plant in Brașov, Romania, marking the occasion with a celebration with its employees. After commencing the first assembly of products in November 2018, activity has now ramped up to full operations. The factory is now also completely staffed with 116 employees focusing on the assembly of both professional and consumer electronics products. Thanks to the capacity and highly skilled nature of the Brașov workforce, the plant is already responsible for the manufacture of key Sennheiser models such as the legendary HD 25 DJ headphones, as well as professional products including the new XSW-D wireless microphone series. Together with its existing factories, the new Romanian manufacturing base is key to the audio specialist’s strategy to invest in a strong future as an independent, family-run company and will ensure that Sennheiser will be even more flexible in reacting to market requirements.

“I am very happy to join the official opening of our new manufacturing base here in Brașov. With the full team now in place, it is a great pleasure to welcome our new colleagues to the Sennheiser family,” said Daniel Sennheiser, co-CEO at Sennheiser. “It is also important to recognize the start of an important relationship between Sennheiser and Brașov. We are already seeing the benefits of the city’s outstanding infrastructure and its industrial and academic resources.”

The establishment of the Brașov plant is part of Sennheiser’s strategy to focus and specialize its four production sites. Production at Sennheiser’s headquarters in Germany focuses on products for the high-end consumer and professional audio markets, including wireless microphones. Sennheiser’s plant in Ireland specializes on acoustic transducers, while wireless microphones for the American market are manufactured by the company’s factory in the United States. The Brașov factory will focus on the manual assembly of professional and consumer electronics products.

“Following the successful phased introduction of manufacturing activity in Brașov, it is great to see this manufacturing base has already become a vital part of Sennheiser’s production strategy,” said Violeta Balint, General Manager of the Brașov plant. “In particular, it is an honor to be responsible for creating legendary Sennheiser products such as the HD 25 here in Brașov. I think this is a great source of pride for the team here and a testament to what we have already achieved.”

The Brașov factory will also be responsible for products including the HD 600 headphone series for the audiophile market, as well as professional products including the HD 300 Pro studio monitoring headphones and the new XS Wireless Digital – a wireless microphone series for musicians and videographers.

Violeta Balint

General Manager Brasov Plant, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

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