TeamConnect Ceiling Medium: Device password


This article explains the benefits of a device password, a key element for security in Sennheisers TeamConnect Ceiling Medium

With a coverage of up to 40 m², the ceiling microphone TeamConnect Ceiling Medium is the right choice for mid-sized meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces.

With this solution, Sennheiser provides an additional design option to seamlessly include our audibly better ceiling microphone into meeting rooms. With all the great features of the trusted TeamConnect Ceiling 2 but in a more compact form, the TeamConnect Ceiling Medium is a real problem-solver that allows cable-free tables and flexible furniture arrangement, while offering all the TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions benefits like Trusted Sennheiser Audio Quality, efficient setup, brand agnostic integration, simple management and control, a sleek design and a sustainable impact.

What are the benefits of a device password? 

Security is a paramount concern in today's digital age. TCC M addresses this concern with its encrypted control communication capabilities and password protection. The device must be claimed using the Sennheiser Control Cockpit before the first use to ensure that only authenticated users can access the device on the network. During the claiming process, a new secure device password must be set. The device password can be used to transfer the device to a different Control Cockpit instance. In addition, the 3rd party API access to the device is authorized separately with a 3rd party access password. 

The Sennheiser Control Cockpit is also secured by encrypted communication and authenticated access for controlling and monitoring TCC M, thus providing end to end security to the solution.

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