Teamwork in Times of Social Distancing


The Teamconnect Ceiling 2 Microphone Turns Zoom Meetings Into a Face-To-Face Experience

In times where home offices, flexible working models and liquid teams are becoming more and more prevalent, but especially in view of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for online meeting solutions is higher than ever before. Video conferencing solutions such as Zoom have especially taken on a whole new significance, as they have enabled digital face-to-face communication when direct interpersonal contact was out of the question.

Why the Time Has Come to Focus on Seamless Video Conferencing Solutions

As social creatures, we need to stay connected. What has changed significantly during this crisis is how we go about maintaining those connections. Nowhere is that more evident than in the rise of online conferencing through platforms like Zoom, which has seen exponential growth over the last several months. In addition to traditional applications like corporate meetings, Zoom has become a platform for family reunions, socially-distanced happy hours, classroom lectures, musical performances and more. And as the world begins to slowly reopen, the list of applications continues to expand.

And as a family-owned brand with a deep sense of corporate responsibility, we’ve asked ourselves the question: what can we bring to the table?

In the long run, an inspiring, efficient and interpersonal meeting culture requires far more than just a table, a comfortable chair and a laptop that has a camera, a headset and an online meeting tool. Because unfortunately, there is one thing that often falls by the wayside with this combination: the open space and the freedom that comes with a face-to-face meeting in a professionally equipped meeting room. This is why we at Sennheiser don’t merely develop products for online meetings, but rather solutions that turn a meeting into an experience for all the senses that breaks with existing and conventional standards.

Sennheiser Is Officially Compatible With Zoom: For Online Meetings That Are as Authentic as Face-To-Face

Our latest collaboration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc.’s Zoom Meetings does precisely that: bringing elements of face-to-face meetings, such as the unrestricted freedom of movement in the meeting room that is so essential to creativity, into the world of digital meetings by means of our flexible TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone.

Thanks to the meeting microphone’s Zoom compatibility as well as the “ES1 Ceiling Audio Solution” launched in partnership with Bose, it is now possible to take meetings with the participants connected to it to a whole new dimension. With the unique and adaptive beamforming technology, the messages of the person who is currently speaking in the conference room are automatically and reliably captured, regardless of where they are in the room while speaking, and then transmitted to the meeting participants in excellent audio quality.

This means that as universities and businesses figure out how to navigate this new world of distance learning, touchless sound reinforcement and increased demand for quality online meetings, they can rely on Zoom and Sennheiser to provide them with a solution that can keep up with those demands.

Here is the official press release regarding the Zoom compatibility: Link

This article marks the beginning of a series on “The new meeting culture after Corona: Why our business communication will change”. In the coming weeks and months you will find more detailed and in-depth articles and solution strategies on this topic on our blog.



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