Wireless Microphone Solutions: DECT


This article explains the term "DECT", an important technology in wireless microphone systems

Wireless microphones are devices that capture audio and transmit it wirelessly, offering greater mobility than microphones that use a physical cable connection. They are extensively used in diverse fields such as event venues, conference facilities and educational institutions. Wireless microphones function by converting the sound waves into an electronic signal. This signal gets transmitted over radio waves to a receiver unit, which then converts the signal back into an audio output.

What are the benefits of DECT?

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is a wireless communication standard that enables high-quality audio transmission. DECT operates in a distinct frequency band, separate from those used by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This makes DECT a highly effective solution for environments where frequency ranges like UHF (Ultra High Frequency) are crowded and availability of spectrum is an issue. A crowded UHF environment can cause intermodulation, disrupt communication, and degrade the performance of wireless systems operating in these environments. Hence, DECT technology is becoming increasingly important in environments such as conference venues or educational institutions like universities where multiple wireless devices are used every day. DECT offers stability in frequency, leading to superior sound quality and less hassle.

Sennheiser’s SpeechLine Digital Wireless is a DECT-based radio system that allows for the best possible audio quality with a fully automatic bi-directional connection.


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