Alex Sparrow: Keeping it real


Musician and actor, Russia


Alexey Vladimirovich Vorobyov, known internationally as Alex Sparrow, started his career in show business at an early age. He signed a record contract with Universal at the age of 18. Since then he has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest for Russia and worked as an actor. He produces his music in Russia and the US but is universally popular. So it’s not surprising that he is constantly on the move.



“I grew up in a very large but poor family,” he says. “I saved up all my money to buy my first microphone.” It had to be a Sennheiser. “The frequencies are very precise and the microphones transmit the high-range, mid-range and low-range frequencies perfectly. Voices sound completely natural and unchanged. That’s why artists love these microphones so much. You can still hear the clarity of the sound when the recordings are reproduced in different formats, even YouTube videos.”



Alex enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership with Sennheiser for years, however, the collaboration didn’t end when Alex stopped making his own music. After all, he still enjoys listening to it. “My PXC 550 headphones haven’t left my side in three years. As well as wearing them to make calls while I’m on the move, I use them to keep up to date with what other artists are doing. I want to hear exactly how the artists created the track, all the instruments, the accessory sounds, the bass, synthesizers, everything. I love being able to hear every little detail.” That’s the way music should sound—real!



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