Post Malone esitti koskettavan version America The Beautiful -kappaleesta käyttäen Sennheiser Digital 6000 -järjestelmää – Alicia Keys puolestaan valloitti Super Bowl -yleisön laulamalla uuteen Neumann KK 105 U -mikrofonikapseliin


Katsojaennätyksen rikkonut Super Bowl -tapahtuma alkoi vaikuttavalla esityksellä – keskimäärin jopa 123,4 miljoonaa katsojaa

Post Malone ja Alicia Keys tarjosivat kumpikin sykähdyttävän musiikkiesityksen Las Vegasin Allegiant Stadium -stadionilla 11.2.2024 järjestetyssä Super Bowl LVIII -tapahtumassa. Ensimmäisenä esiintyi Post Malone, joka lauloi country-vaikutteita saaneen version America the Beautiful -kappaleesta. Hän käytti suosimaansa Sennheiserin langatonta ja kädessä pidettävää SKM 6000 -laulumikrofonia, jossa on dynaaminen, herttasuuntakuvioinen MM 435 -kapseli. Puoliajalla Alicia Keys esitti Usherin kanssa sävähdyttävän dueton käyttäen Neumannin hiljattain julkaisemaa KK 105 U -mikrofonikapselia. Uutiskanava CBS:n mukaan Super Bowl LVIII -lähetys keräsi keskimäärin 123,4 miljoonaa katsojaa, mikä on eniten koko Super Bowlin historiassa. ​

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A memorable performance with Sennheiser
“Post Malone’s electrifying performance of ‘America the Beautiful’ during the Super Bowl opening ceremony underscored his status as one of the industry’s most dynamic performers,” says Alex Guessard, House PA Mixer with ATK Audiotek, the longtime audio production provider for the on-field pregame and halftime segments at the Super Bowl. “With the support of Sennheiser’s state-of-the-art 6000 series wireless audio technology, he delivered a performance that will be remembered for years to come.

Post Malone performs America the Beautiful during Super Bowl LVIII using a Sennheiser SKM 6000 with an MM 435 capsule ​ (Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images)
Post Malone performs America the Beautiful during Super Bowl LVIII using a Sennheiser SKM 6000 with an MM 435 capsule ​ (Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images)

Post Malone has been using Sennheiser microphones for many years, reports his monitor engineer, Travon Snipes, so his live production team saw no reason to change. “We wanted to stay consistent,” Snipes says, “so I requested the SKM 6000 with the MM 435 capsule, which has always been incredible for us.”

“The reliability has always been rock solid and they sound incredible,” he continues. The Super Bowl gameday frequency coordinators manage hundreds of channels of wireless equipment, video as well as audio, during the event. “The fact that they had the Sennheiser 6000 series there speaks to the reliability,” he says.

A moving arrangement, a spectacular microphone
The novel arrangement of “America the Beautiful,” by Malone and his longtime studio collaborator, Louis Bell, called for the singer to start the song off quietly. “He’s great with the microphone, understanding the dynamics,” Snipes says. “I think it was very intentional for him to be that close to the mic and have that whisper effect. He knows what that does and he knows that, if he backs up, how that affects the capsule and how that’s going to sound. So my job is to get it in the ballpark and then allow him to add his creative aspect.”

“We were using the 9235 but we moved up to the newest 435. It has been incredible and does wonders on his voice,” says Snipes. When evaluating the MM 435, he was impressed with the character that it brought out in Malone’s vocal, he says. “It’s the body that it gives his voice, the midrange that it brings out. But it also gives you enough top end that it’s clear, but it’s not piercing. It really embodies how his voice naturally sounds. We were looking for a capsule that would capture that, and that would also give us a little sparkle.”

The capsule is robust, too, he says. “The midrange doesn’t cave in when he wants to push it. Sometimes, in live performances, he’s really on top of the mic and going hard. That capsule doesn’t give out and allows his voice to stay true, no matter how he’s singing or performing.”

Those qualities, along with the capsule’s rejection, sealed the deal, he adds. “A lot of times he’s in front of the P.A. or he’s around the drum set, singing into the drums. The MM 435 is a workhorse and provides many great qualities that help us with his voice.”

Alicia Keys sings through Neumann KK 105 U microphone capsule on world’s biggest stage
During the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show, Alicia Keys joined Usher onstage to sing “If I Ain’t Got You” and “My Boo” using a wireless handheld microphone topped with a Neumann KK 105 U super-cardioid condenser capsule. The new capsule, released in January 2024, makes the perfectly balanced, nuanced sound of Neumann’s award-winning KMS series wired stage vocal microphones available to users of several third-party wireless systems.

“The thing I love about the KK 105 U capsule is that the sound of the mic is flat,” commented Ann Mincieli, engineer for Alicia Keys. “It’s not hyped, and the frequency curve is very natural, giving us a great, balanced starting point! Another thing is that there is no bleed in the capsule, as the polar pattern is designed so well. There were 80,000 fans in the stadium, and additional fans all around the stage — we had minimal bleed. The KK 105 U is our capsule of choice!”

Quality support from Sennheiser, on and off the field
Malone and the team went into the venue to rehearse for the Super Bowl broadcast a couple of days before the event, Snipes reports. “They had the capsule and the microphone ready for us. And as soon as he got on it, he loved it.” Snipes compliments the support he received from Sennheiser, by way of Jessica Dabbs, Sennheiser Relations Manager. “She makes sure I’m taken care of, regardless of the artist that I’m with. I’ve always had great support.”

While remaining focused on the task at hand, Snipes took a moment take in the special performance: “It felt like we were making history, and his performance gave everyone chills. Words cannot express how awesome it is to be a part of the Post Malone team and to work with him. It’s been an incredible journey, and Sennheiser came through again.”

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