Sennheiser celebrates Diversity - and takes a stand


Everyone benefits from diversity in the workplace: employees, companies and society. To raise awareness for this important topic, Sennheiser celebrates Diversity Day and is now one of the signatories of the German Charta der Vielfalt.

Diversity in the workplace should not only be self-evident, it has been proven to have a positive effect on the creativity and productivity of teams. Unfortunately, awareness of this has not yet reached all corners of our society. To change this, there is the German Diversity Day. Sennheiser was also involved on May 31: with an international theme day. "We want to send a clear signal for diversity and raise awareness of how important it is to include different perspectives, personal backgrounds and lifestyles - at all levels of the organization. We are not only aware of the importance of inclusive teams in the workplace - we celebrate it and we promote it," says Heidrun Streich from the Sennheiser Diversity Network.

On the day of action, employees had the opportunity to listen to presentations on resilience and inclusive cooperation in everyday life, take part in language crash courses, a diversity quiz and a photo message campaign, among other things. At various locations, the topic of diversity was also celebrated in culinary terms: Employees ate international dishes together and learned about other cultures in the process. In addition, Sennheiser signed the Charta der Vielfalt on this day, thereby also officially committing to its values.

"Sennheiser has been an international company for decades. We have always worked in international teams and know how inspiring that is. At the same time, we are also aware that diversity is so much more. It's not just about the exchange of a wide variety of cultures, but also about giving people equal opportunities regardless of gender, age groups, and backgrounds in life and experience. We want to promote this much more strongly in the future. That's why we signed the Charta der Vielfalt at the initiative of our internal Diversity Network. We want to actively promote diversity, equality and inclusion," explains Jørgen Wengel, Head of Human Resources at Sennheiser.



By signing the Charta der Vielfalt, an initiative under the patronage of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Sennheiser joins around 4,600 corporations, companies, public institutions, clubs, foundations and associations in setting an example for inclusion and appreciation of all employees regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, sexual orientation and social background.


Mareike Oer

Corporate Communications & Brand, Sennheiser electronic SE & Co. KG




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