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Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus -kuulokkeet tuovat käyttäjien eniten pitämät huippuominaisuudet saataville pitkällä akunkestolla varustettuja tuotteita sisältävään ACCENTUM-tuoteperheeseen.

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“ACCENTUM Plus expands the reach of MOMENTUM 4’s most coveted conveniences, while upholding the spirit of the ACCENTUM family’s incredible value,” says Christian Ern, Sennheiser Principal Product Manager, “The Plus sits right in the sweet spot of blissful sound and convenient technology.”

Immersive, ‘round-the-clock listening
In a world with endless content consumption options, ACCENTUM Plus has the stamina and controls for you to enjoy all of it. Featuring Sennheiser's expansive acoustic expertise, touch-gesture controls, Hybrid Adaptive Noise Cancellation and a luxurious build, they prioritize a better headphone listening experience for less.

With a class-leading 50 hours of listening between charges and sound that rivals that of a stable, cabled connection, it’s easy to forget that ACCENTUM Plus is even wireless. The Bluetooth® 5.2 headphones emphasize outstanding sound quality and versatile connectivity, supporting all popular codecs including aptX™ Adaptive for optimum sound no matter where you decide to take them.

ACCENTUM Plus in black/black and white/sandstone
ACCENTUM Plus in black/black and white/sandstone

The proprietary 37mm dynamic transducer features Sennheiser’s Sound Personalization mode to match over 75 years of audio expertise to the listener’s sonic preferences—all without sacrificing the bass performance and striking detail the brand is known for. Powerful Adaptive ANC performance will delight commuters, optimizing its noise target to constantly adapt to changes in the ambient noise environment around the wearer. This dramatically reduces constant distractions so that the subtle details in your content shine through, naturally.

Quick charge—if you even need to
Not only does ACCENTUM Plus offer globe-trotting endurance, it also boasts a "quick charge" feature that adds an extra 5 hours of listening time in about 10 minutes. The provided USB-C cable also allows the listener to stream music from a class compliant audio device like a laptop while charging—the headphones convert into an audio interface for content consumption and even voice communication. The marathon battery life further extends the time between charges, taking far longer to reach the maximum number of charge cycles over the lifespan of the headphone battery, reducing electronic waste and aligning with Sennheiser’s commitment to sustainability.


ACCENTUM Plus features a touch-panel for intuitive gesture control
ACCENTUM Plus features a touch-panel for intuitive gesture control

A Touch of control
ACCENTUM Plus can be controlled two main ways thanks to an intuitive touch panel and companion app that respond to gesture controls: familiar taps and swipes manage listening levels, wireless media controls, and transparency mode so you can get keep your hands on your device or put it away entirely. A touch-enabled earcup—also used in the flagship MOMENTUM series—offers immediate feature control without needing to search for buttons or dive into menus. For power users, automatic wind-reduction and adjustable side-tone keeps calls natural and free from distractions. Multipoint connectivity seamlessly switches the active wireless connection from one Bluetooth device to another without the need for re-pairing.

The Smart Control App elevates the headphone experience by effortlessly handling Bluetooth connections, exploring the 5-band EQ, and adjusting a plethora of audio-centric features. All of this is presented through a refreshingly simple visual user interface that fits neatly in your pocket. Smart Control also allows users to store personalized presets—perfect for when your smartphone platform or listening habits change.

On-the-go flow
ACCENTUM Plus’ playtime is only matched by its comfort. The earcup and headband padding adapt to the wearer's contours, providing reassuring stability through a gentle touch. And for those times when wireless listening is not permitted, an included audio cable with a 3.5mm stereo plug can be used to tap into in-flight entertainment systems or other headphone outputs. ACCENTUM Plus folds flat and ships with a protective zip-storage case to keep your new favorite travel headphones and accessories organized while on the move.

ACCENTUM Plus Wireless comes with a USB-C cable, headphone cable (3.5mm plug) and zip storage case
ACCENTUM Plus Wireless comes with a USB-C cable, headphone cable (3.5mm plug) and zip storage case


Pricing and availability ​ 
ACCENTUM Plus will be available as of now in Black and White. Both models will be available at select retailers and at at an MSRP of $229.95 USD / €229.90 EUR.


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